Dr. Heather M. Brown, Associate Professor, Dept. of Educational Psychology, University of Alberta.


  • Exploring Autistic Wellbeing through the lens of Neurodiversity (2022-23)
  • Promoting cognitive flexibility in adolescence: Interventions, programs and approaches that appear justified and those that, despite much hype, do not (2022-23)
  • Melani Carefoot graduated in England (1983). Prior to moving to Canada, she worked with a diverse client population including Traveller families, pediatric hospital admissions, permanently excluded pupils and adults with learning challenges. Her entire career has been committed to working with children and families.  From March 2000 to February 2012, she worked as a team leader with Child & Family Services and oversaw a variety of programs including case management, assessments, adoption, foster care, and licensing. Since leaving her employment with the government she have been in private practice focusing on the areas of family & individual therapy, parent coaching, parent coordination and Child Welfare advocacy.



    • Toxic parental relationships and the impact on children and youth mental health (2021/22)
    • Divorce and the impact on children and youth mental health (2021/22)

    Dr. Allan Donsky, MD, FRCPC Psychiatry, FRCPC Paediatrics: Division of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry



    • Grief: Working with loss and pain toward wholeness (2022/23)
    • Anxiety in a time of COVID: An old feeling in new times (2021/22)
    • Personality Disorder: Patterns, pitfalls, plasticity and promises (2021/22)


    Dr Jane Dunstan, MD CCFP, PGY3-LGBT Health; University of Calgary Department of Family Medicine, Clinical Lecturer.

    Wayne Hammond, Ph.D, Clinical Psychology; Chief Science Officer – Flourishing Life Technologies

    Frank MacMaster, Associate Professor, Psychiatry and Paediatrics, University of Calgary; Scientific Director, Provincial Addiction and Mental Health (PAMH) Portfolio, Alberta Health Services

    Dawn McBride, Ph.D., RPsych (Clinical) Assoc Professor (Counsellor Education) University of Lethbridge


    • The Art of Pendulating – “I can’t do this”, “I am overwhelmed” to “I got this” (2022/23)
    • Pandemic Grief, Loss, and Loneliness: Identifying and digesting (2021/22)
    • Trauma and PTSD in Youth: Identification, assessment, and diagnosis (2021/22)
    • Supporting and Debriefing During and After the COVID Pandemic (2020/21)

    Dr. Kristin Morrison, MD FRCPC, Consultant Pediatrician, Prince Edward County, Ontario

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