Promoting Mental Health in Promary Care


The Reach Institute Partnership

CanREACH licenses the PPP Mini-fellowship Training Program from The REACH Institute, which you can learn more about here:  http://www.thereachinstitute.org/about

Alberta Health Services Partnership

CanREACH is one program within the greater Alberta Health Services portfolio dedicated to Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Psychiatry Programs (CAMHPP).

Under the scope of Collaborate Services and Education programs, CanREACH is seated among other fantastic programs including Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Community Education Service (CES), and Health Minds / Health Children Outreach Services (HMHC).  Learn more about all of these great programs at www.hmhc.ca. In particular, the HMHC service provides assistance through a variety of ways to Primary Care Providers in Southern Alberta assessing and treating children and youth in the areas of addictions and mental health. Primary Care Providers can access this amazing resource at any time pre-, during, post-, or outside of CanREACH by contacting them at 403-955-8446 or email hmhc@ahs.ca . 

Under the scope of Mental Health Literacy, CanREACH is seated among two excellent programs that seek to promote mental health literacy and training in the school systems. These include MORE http://hmhc.ca/more.html and SMILES http://teenmentalhealth.org/alberta

Alberta Children’s Hospital foundation Partnership

As noted, CanREACH is a donation funded program which temporary, but also allows us to offer scope of services offered at a reduced cost to primary care providers, thanks to the ACHF http://www.childrenshospital.ab.ca



CanReach program resources

CanREACH has a special portal for participants of the CanREACH Program which includes resources lists, books, links, and training modules. If you have taken the CanREACH PPP, please use the menu to guide you to that area

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