Promoting Mental Health in Primary Care

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Here are some direct quotes from your colleagues who have participated in the CanREACH Program, including the PPP Fellowship

“This is the most comprehensive, evidence-based and practical course I have attended about pediatric mental health.  The role plays and the small group discussions, the prompts to commit to practice change and the 6 month follow up calls are instrumental in translating the knowledge gained into practice change.”  – Dr. Karen Louie

“I had very little experience and absolutely ZERO confidence in treating mental health patients. I learnt a lot on this course and it has definitely boosted my confidence. Thank you, CanREACH was AMAZING!” – Dr. Sheetal Bhojani

“With CanREACH, it took only 3 days to completely change my knowledge and confidence in diagnosing and treating this area of medicine. It is absolutely practice changing.” – Dr. Kim Krueger

“This course has given me the skills and confidence to diagnose and manage children and youth with mental health and behavioral difficulties. I highly recommend it!”
– Dr. Javier Adrian Gutierrez

“CanREACH left me feeling empowered that I, as a general practitioner, I have the skills and support network to manage psychiatric presentations (that often feel in intimidating!) in primary care.” – Dr. Andrea Horbay-Moir

“CanREACH broke pediatric psychiatric topics into tangible and manageable parts. I now feel much more confident in assessing, diagnosing and treating pediatric psychiatric conditions. I wish I had taken this training years ago.”

– Dr. Elaine Desnoyers

“Despite my years in practice and previous courses, this course has single-handedly increased my confidence in assessing and managing pediatric mental health cases.” – Dr. Linda Jarrett

“I was almost completely ignorant about medication management in this population prior to this course. The incredible amount of resources now available to me will be invaluable. I feel so much more empowered to work with pediatric and adolescent patients.”
– Dr. Belinda Jackson

“This program gave me the capacity to better assess and manage my patients. It helped to remove the uncertainty and fear that is associated with how to assist these patients and their families through the process of returning them to full and productive functioning.” – Dr. Rezvan Ghiassi-Razavi

“I don’t think I’ve done a CME that from start to finish was completely relevant to general practice.  The information was presented in a way that gives you a road map to the diagnosis and treatment of the most common pediatric mental health conditions. I will refer out less of my common presentations which will benefit the child and the family because it will expedite their diagnosis and treatment.” – Dr. Jaime McMurren

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